De Simone designs practice area for private resort near Verona

  • Terzolan
    De Simone Golf Design

    Pierfrancesco De Simone has created a new practice area at Torre di Terzolan, near Verona, Italy

  • Terzolan
    De Simone Golf Design

    De Simone was inspired by the sixth green at Riviera for his work at the private resort

Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Pierfrancesco De Simone has created a new practice area at Torre di Terzolan, a private resort near Verona, Italy.

The resort is located on hills above Verona and serves as high-end accommodation and a winery as well as a tourist attraction with its fourteenth century hunting tower and Villa Ridolfi, named after Cardinal Ridolfi who lived there in the sixteenth century.

“The owners asked me to convert an area once covered with a clay tennis court into a practice golf facility for the entertainment of guests staying in the luxury apartments located in Villa Ridolfi,” said De Simone.

“I made a proposal based on the design of a classic putting green with a chipping area, but at some point, I developed the idea of creating a more complex design that would also include a short game option. I thought that the concept of the famous sixth at Riviera with its bunker in the middle of the green would perfectly fit the available space.”

Battistella Golf began construction in March 2021, completing work in less than one week, with Rain Bird handling irrigation.

“Due to the position of the central hazard and the slope of the green, all kind of shots can be performed: uphill, downhill as well as sidehill pitch and running shots,” said De Simone. “Flop shots over the hazard from one side to the other can also be played.”

The green was seeded with bentgrass, while green surrounds feature a mix of fescue rye and Kentucky bluegrass so players can practice on the same grass that other courses in the area have.

“The first customers really enjoyed the green and loved the concept,” said De Simone. “It was possible to play towards the end of summer’s high season, but the first full summer season will be next year when many more people will have the chance to access the facility.”