Desert Horizons Country Club unveils renovations to golf course

Desert Horizons Country Club unveils renovations to golf course
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

A renovation of the golf course at Desert Horizons Country Club in Indian Wells, California, is now complete.

Originally designed by Ted Robinson and opened in 1979, the recent work on the course has been overseen by a team from Clive Clark Design.

Following a strong fundraising campaign, which saw around US$2 million raised, the renovation project began in summer 2016.

All green complexes have been redesigned on the course, with many greens given greater contouring – particularly on the back nine holes.

Much of the work focused on the bunkering – many of which have been renovated, relocated or removed completely.

A new set of forward tees has also been added, giving golfers the option of playing the course at a length of 4,500 yards.

Around 120,000 square feet of turf across the course has been removed and converted into areas of low-water use landscaping.

The club’s practice putting green has also been extended, offering golfers 40 per cent more space on which to hone their skills.

Earth Sculptures was hired to carry out construction work, with John Fitzpatrick of Sunrise Golf brought in to manage the project.

“Like most clubs, we have broad range of members who play for different reasons,” said Stewart Thomson, a long-time member of the club and part of the renovation committee. “We wanted to make the golf course inviting, but we didn’t want to dumb it down. The course may be slightly more open now from tee to green, but the green complexes, bunkering and additional forward tees create a completely new dynamic, and the options to play different types of shots to and around the greens provide an added degree of enjoyability and challenge.”