Dormie selects Kidd to create new golf course in Nebraska Sandhills

  • GrayBull
    Dormie Network

    David McLay Kidd has been hired to design and built a new 18-hole golf course in the Nebraska Sandhills

  • GrayBull
    Dormie Network

    “This land is special,” says Kidd of the site for the GrayBull course

Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

David McLay Kidd has been hired to design and build a new 18-hole private golf course, named GrayBull, in the Nebraska Sandhills.

Dormie Network, a national network of private destination golf clubs, turned to Kidd in spring 2021 to help identify a suitable site for its seventh golf course. Together they looked at plots south of the Platte River in western Nebraska, but found the soil was too heavy with clay.

Kidd looked across the river and said: “That’s where we need to be.”

“Being a direct influence on land selection is rare in the industry, which makes it even more exciting to build,” said Kidd. “Golfers want to go to a place and actually experience the place, and golf is the excuse for doing so. This land is special – there’s nothing but you and mother nature in its rawest, simplest, most beautiful form.”

Mark Ruhga, chief operating officer of Dormie Network, said: “David’s body of works speaks for itself. Adding his work to our portfolio of clubs fits perfectly with the traditions of our network. Dormie Network facilities are created for business or leisure with the most immersive, highly curated experience in private destination golf and entertainment. David’s design philosophy and vision will bring that and more to GrayBull.”

Kidd added: “It has been my experience that the best-laid plans in ink often go to waste in the dirt. Our philosophy as golf designers subtly shifts, always adjusting to our current thinking and continued understanding of the game and what makes it popular.

“However, the foundation of our philosophy remains focused on creating a course to be as natural, seamless, and as sustainable as possible. Dormie Network really knows what they’re doing, and I believe we’ll build something pretty impressive together.”

Dormie’s plans also include a clubhouse, a practice facility, a putting green that can lit for evening play, and 15 cottages.

The GrayBull course is expected to open in 2024.