Golf Environment Organization launches new version of OnCourse app

Golf Environment Organization launches new version of OnCourse app
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

The Golf Environment Organization (GEO) has released a new version of its OnCourse app to help golf facilities improve their social and environmental reputation.

The app provides users with a practical one-stop solution to record their environmental practices, as well as gain ideas and guidance on how best to maintain their course or facility in an environmentally-friendly way.

The app also features a shared library of ideas and data around positive golf practices which can be easily accessed by users. 

This latest version of the OnCourse app has a faster interface and many new features. Users will be able to share ideas more easily, track progress, store data and highlights of their work, and create annual reports.

Richard Allison of GEO has been testing the new version of OnCourse with staff at clubs.

“The feedback we have been getting most often is that it is much easier to use, it gives clubs peace of mind to know that they are ticking all the right boxes for sustainability, and that having everything together in one app makes life easier,” he said. “We are really impressed and inspired by all the best practices and highlights we see coming through.”