Gopher Watch Competition – April 2024

Gopher Watch Competition – April 2024
Adam Lawrence
By Adam Lawrence

Sandy went for a stroll through the bucolic English countryside at Tadmarton Heath in Oxfordshire in the January issue.

Opened in 1922, and designed by Cecil Key Hutchison, and located close to the town of Banbury, Tadmarton is, in many ways, a blast from the past: its fairways are unirrigated, so become extremely firm and bouncy in a dry summer; its charming Cotswold stone clubhouse, once a farmhouse, offers a warm welcome, and the abundance of gorse on the course means it can play much tougher than its 6,043 yards might suggest. Kai Tore Breiland of Røyken in Norway figured it out, and we hope he will wear his much sought-after GCA shirt with pride.

From a small, homely English course, Sandy has gone completely to the other extreme in this issue, finding himself on the longest course ever to host the US Open.

Reckon you know where he is, and fancy sporting one of our shirts? Send your answer to