Gopher Watch Competition – July 2022

Gopher Watch Competition – July 2022
Adam Lawrence
By Adam Lawrence

Sandy was in California for April’s competition, on the ‘Duel Hole’, the par-three seventh at the ultra-exclusive San Francisco Golf Club (back here at GCA Towers we are racking our brains to figure out how he got on), so named because it was the venue for the last legal duel in the US state in 1859, when senator David Broderick fought California Supreme Court justice David Terry.

A (fairly) local reader, Merrill Hiserman of the Alister MacKenzie-designed Meadow Club, the other side of the Golden Gate bridge, was the first correct answer drawn, and wins the prized golf shirt.

Another very highly rated venue for Sandy this month, a course created rather more recently than some of its famous neighbours.

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