Gopher Watch Competition – July 2023

Gopher Watch Competition – July 2023
Adam Lawrence
By Adam Lawrence

In the April 2023 issue of GCA, Sandy was located on the closing hole of Rob Collins and Tad King’s nine-hole Sweetens Cove course. GCA editor Adam Lawrence was the first journalist to see the layout back in 2012 and is now an honorary member.

Congratulations to Joe Andriole of Orlando, whose entry was first out of the hat, and who wins a prized GCA golf shirt.

This month our intrepid gopher is back on the links, on probably the most famous hole on one of the world’s greatest courses. One golfer intentionally missed the green of this par three on all four rounds of a championship, believing an up-and down was his best chance for par.

If you’d like a chance to win a GCA golf shirt, email with details of Sandy’s location.