New Great Northern golf course opens for play in Denmark

  • Lovely Golf Course

    The course is located close to the Danish town of Kerteminde

  • Lovely Golf Course

    The creation of the course has been overseen by Nicklaus Design’s Dirk Bouts

Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

A new golf course has opened for play near the Danish town of Kerteminde.

Great Northern has been created by Nicklaus Design, and becomes the firm’s first course to open in Denmark.

The project was led by Dirk Bouts, a senior design associate at Nicklaus Design who oversees much of the firm’s European work.

Bouts and the project team have looked to maximise the site’s terrain, while also accommodating for the strong winds which affect the region.

“There is plenty of ‘drama’ to enjoy at the higher section of the golf course around the hill, where you can see the sea,” Bouts said. “The lower section is set within the wetlands and we created water features that are spectacular to look at and that add a level of joy to the golf experience.”

Bouts described the construction work for the project as being ‘first class’. 

“Attention to detail was second to none throughout the whole project,” he said. “As an example, I have never been involved in a golf course where we installed that many wooden bulkheads and bridges, and even wooden cascades. The end result of that commitment is truly spectacular and sets the course apart from others.”

It is hoped that the new course will be enjoyed by elite golfers and beginners alike.

“The special aspects of this course are the relative positions of the holes; the rhythm of the game; the open spaces that still give the sense of small enclosed areas; and especially the high quality, in general,” said Søren Hansen, Great Northern’s head of instruction. “This all helps to create a unique golf experience that previously could only be found abroad – but is now available right here in Kerteminde. Visually, the course looks challenging, but in reality, it is very fun and rewarding to play.”