New von Hagge track for Les Bordes


New von Hagge track for Les Bordes
Sean Dudley

Les Bordes Golf International, owners of the Les Bordes course in France’s Loire Valley, has confirmed it will begin building a second course on the estate. The new course is expected to open in 2013.

Architects von Hagge, Smelek & Baril have delivered the master design for the new eighteen hole course. Robert von Hagge and his team have enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Les Bordes which dates back to 1986 when von Hagge built the original course.

Von Hagge says the new courses will be more forgiving than the original Les Bordes and will allow for more of a ground game. Generally, the new course’s playing corridors will be wider and offer more options: where the old course generally demands a particular shot, the new course will allow multiple lines of attack and a variety of strategies. Visually, while the old course is verdant green, the intent is for the new course to be more rustic.

The new course at Les Bordes is part of a multi-million Euro investment by an international property development group, which will also include a five star hotel and luxury homes. Planning permission has been granted and construction, to be overseen by Rick Baril, is expected to start in 2011.

Tony Jimenez, chairman of Les Bordes Golf International, said: "Robert, Rick Baril and the team at von Hagge have created a superb design for our new course on a par with all the quality and competitiveness the existing Les Bordes course has to offer. When it's completed, I am confident the new course at Les Bordes will be also recognised as one of the great courses of the world.”

Robert von Hagge said: “Les Bordes has always represented authentic and uncompromised golf and it has always been a source of great pride for us. This chance to return to Les Bordes and design a second golf course is an opportunity of a lifetime. It is difficult to express the full extent of my enthusiasm and we can’t wait to begin construction and ultimately unveil a new and unique golf venue. In doing so, we will continue an incredibly bold golf legacy conceived many years ago by Baron Bich and today by the visionary Les Bordes ownership.”