Pizá collaborates with Dave Shultz and Sanzpont on indoor golf concept

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    Pizá Golf

    Agustin Pizá is collaborating with Dave Shultz and architecture firm Sanzpont on an indoor golf and entertainment concept

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    Pizá Golf

    A visualisation of the indoor short game area designed by Pizá

  • NextLinks
    Pizá Golf

    The complex includes a central circular bar visible, a variety of eating areas, private and open spaces, hitting bays and lounge balconies

Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Golf course architect Agustin Pizá is collaborating with NextLinks eGolf Arena founder Dave Shultz and Victor and Sergio Sanz of architecture firm Sanzpont on an indoor golf and entertainment concept.

The NextLinks eGolf Arena concept is an indoor golf complex and family-friendly destination designed to grow the game. To create a concept for the golf complex, Pizá partnered with Sanzpont and came up with a domed structure.

“NextLinks eGolf Arena is a functional reimagination of the brick-and-mortar standard established for driving range-based entertainment, but more efficient in every way along with an iconic building design and specification,” said Shultz.

The arena will include a central circular bar, eating areas, private and open spaces, hitting bays and lounge balconies that border the short game area.

“We so love the game of golf, we imagined how the next golf entertainment concept should look and feel, envisioning almost a sacred place – a golf temple, where technology and entertainment are combined to create a realistic and exciting, next generation of golfing experience,” said Victor and Sergio Sanz.

The ‘golf field atrium’ within the NextLinks eGolf Arena was designed by Pizá to complement the technology-driven experiences of the hitting bays and short game area within the indoor park-like setting.

“The strategy behind the design is to provide real shot values that can be challenging or easy as the player wants,” said Pizá. “NextLinks eGolf Arena can be played by an avid golfer or a non-golfer. This is what we strive for, growing the game we love with respect to sustainability on all levels, ecologically, socially and economically.”

“NextLinks Golf is the next generation in stadium golf concepts where friends and family will be able to not only hit all types of shots but also experience the joys and challenges of the short game and putting on championship style Pizá golf designed greens,” said former pro golfer and TV commentator Brandel Chamblee, who is also part of the design team. “With patented laser technology to simulate where shots hit would end up, ‘players’ will get the full golf experience, with all the excitement, amenities, and atmosphere of a lavish night out on the town at a fraction of the cost.

“With an eye towards the future, NextLinks Golf will bring people to the game and the concept without adding to the stresses that the game generally has on the sustainability issues of land and water. NextLinks golf, I believe, is the link to golf’s future.”