Schaerweijde Golf opens new design from Alan Rijks

  • Rijks
    Alan Rijks

    A new nine-hole design from Alan Rijks has opened for play at Schaerweijde in the Netherlands

  • Rijks
    Alan Rijks

    The course has eight par threes and one par four

Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Alan Rijks’ new nine-hole design has opened for play at Schaerweijde Golf, near Utrecht in the Netherlands.

The course now has eight par threes and one par four, the closing hole.

“It was originally built in a time when there was hardly any money,” said Rijks. “Now, after 20 years, the club was able to improve the course with new greens and more variety in tees.”

Contractor De Ridder BV began work in February, with the course seeded in April and open for play at the start of August.

“The design of the new greens is interesting because many members had good ideas about how to play and putt on each green,” said Rijks. “I found that nearly everyone was thinking about their own game. Some like it very easy and some like it extremely difficult. Well, the result is somewhere in between with lots of influence from the greenkeepers.

“The new tees can make for two different scorecards, one that is difficult and another that is an easy round. The easier round is special for the elderly members of the club as they can make par and the feeling of achieving that is great for them.”