Scotscraig Golf Club reveals course restoration work

Scotscraig Golf Club reveals course restoration work
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

Scotscraig Golf Club has revealed a series renovations and restoration work at its historic course near Tayfield, Scotland.

Founded in 1817, Scotscraig is the 13th oldest golf club in the world. The course was originally laid out under the guidance of Old Tom Morris and was later worked on by James Braid.

The club is currently carrying out an ambitious ten-year development plan. The first phase of this was completed last year, with 21 greenside bunkers rebuilt. The green on the fourth hole was also redesigned and rebuilt.

The current second phase of the project is currently taking place. A spokesperson for the club told GCA: “The addition of four new bunkers on the sixteenth hole replaced two greenside bunkers, which were removed due to water table issues which have now been resolved. Two fairway bunkers were also put in to add interest in what was a very bland and short par five hole.”

“An additional fairway bunker on the eleventh hole was also added – again for visual interest and to help with speed of play, as balls on that line would be lost in gorse and thick rough. The restoration of the fourth green was to reduce the height of the green that was raised some time ago, and during the groundworks it was found that the material used to raise the green was sub-standard, causing issues with the playing conditions. The original green was limited options in pin positions due to its small size.”

All of the course’s 55 bunkers have been renovated over the past 12 months as part of the project.

“There are 23 revetted greenside bunkers in play, and the remaining 22 fairway and approach bunkers have been returned to more natural contoured style for easier maintenance,” the spokesperson said. “The golf course is part links and part heathland and therefore the mixture of types of bunkers fit well into the design of the golf course.”

Other elements of the project include the widening of fairways in the first 150 yards, meaning higher handicap golfers will find the course fairer. Two double fairways have also been created between the fourth and eighth holes, and the ninth and tenth holes.

The finishing touches are now being done to the course ahead of Scotscraig’s 200th anniversary celebrations later this year.