TGR Design to create new putting courses for PopStroke

  • PopStroke

    Tiger Woods is partnering with PopStroke on design of putting courses

  • PopStroke

    PopStroke currently has one facility in Port St. Lucie, Florida

  • PopStroke

    TGR Design will be responsible for designing putting courses at all future PopStroke locations

Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

TGR Design and Tiger Woods Ventures have entered into a strategic partnership with PopStroke Entertainment Group, which will see the design firm create new putting courses at future PopStroke locations.

PopStroke currently has one venue in Port St. Lucie, Florida, with two 18-hole artificial-turf putting courses that were designed by Jackson Kahn, plus golf simulator bays and a restaurant. The firm is planning to open several more sites, including two facilities in 2020, in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Fort Myers, Florida.

“This is a natural extension of my golf course design philosophy and my TGR Design business,” said Woods. “Our goal has always been to design courses that bring people together and are fun for golfers of all abilities and ages.”

PopStroke is planning to release an electronic scorekeeping golf ball, the ‘iPutt’. The ball transmits scores electronically to the PopStroke app, allowing players to compete against each while earning ‘PopBucks’ through the company’s loyalty rewards app program.

“Tiger Woods has had the most significant impact in growing the game of golf around the world and his investment and partnership in PopStroke will undoubtedly introduce the game to a new and wider audience of participants,” said PopStroke founder Greg Bartoli.

“Some of my happiest memories are spending time with my pops on the golf course having putting contests,” said Woods. “I’m looking forward to others enjoying time with their kids at PopStroke. This is a new way for individuals to experience the game of golf. It’s about bringing people together.”

Bartoli will be joined on the board of directors of PopStroke by Chris Hubman, CFO of Tiger Woods Ventures, and Peter Bevacqua, president of NBC Sports and former CEO of the PGA of America.

“We are incredibly excited and honoured to partner with Tiger in introducing the PopStroke experience across the country,” said Bartoli. “Tiger is the greatest putter and golfer of all time and we are privileged to utilise his TGR Design team and for him to endorse our golf experience. Our goal is to introduce the game of golf to a wider audience of players in a dynamic environment, across all ages and backgrounds, and there is nobody more qualified to do that than Tiger Woods. I am also happy to have Chris Hubman and Pete Bevacqua as board members of PopStroke. Their wealth of experience in the golf and media industry will provide invaluable support to our future growth.”