Valdosta renovation prioritises quality over quantity

  • Valdosta
    Bergin Golf Designs

    Bill Bergin is reworking 27 holes at Valdosta Country Club into a new eighteen, along with expanded practice facilities

  • Valdosta
    Bergin Golf Designs

    All greens, fairways, bunkers and cart paths will be rebuilt

  • Valdosta
    Bergin Golf Designs

    The new short course will be located between the first hole and the expanded driving range

  • Valdosta
    Bergin Golf Designs

    The club aims to open the new layout in October 2023

Alice Chambers
By Alice Chambers

Construction work has started on Bill Bergin’s redesign of the golf facilities at Valdosta Country Club in Georgia, which will see the existing Joe Lee-designed 27-hole course reduced to 18 and the expansion of practice facilities, including the introduction of a six-hole short course.

“Valdosta is a historic course that was at the end of its viable lifecycle,” said Bergin. “It was simply worn out and demand for play was not sufficient to warrant 27 holes. We examined the cost of renovating and maintaining 18 holes versus 27 and the solution was easy – focus on creating a high-quality course that would be viable well into the future.

“The additional land allows us to create a first-class practice facility, almost doubling its size, and add a family-friendly six-hole short course.” 

All greens, fairways, bunkers and cart paths will be rebuilt and irrigation is being updated. Construction began in December 2022, and the new course is expected to open in October 2023.

“Combining our renovated golf course with the planned practice facility and a six-hole short course will truly make us a unique facility in our region,” said Cary Brown, general manager and director of golf at Valdosta Country Club. “I have followed Bill Bergin’s work for some time, and it is impressive how he creates challenges for the better player while maintaining playability for the higher handicapper.”

Bergin added: “Our work will restore Valdosta Country Club to a Golden Age style venue, fitting its origins and position as a founding course in the Georgia State Golf Association.”