Whitman and Axland collaborate for new short course at Cabot Links

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    Rod Whitman and Dave Axland have designed a ten-hole short course for Cabot Links Golf Resort

  • Cabot

    Rough shaping of holes is currently in progress

Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Golf course architects Rod Whitman and Dave Axland are collaborating on a ten-hole short course at Cabot Links Golf Resort in Inverness, Canada.

The short course will join the resort’s two 18-hole golf courses – Cabot Links, designed by Whitman in 2012, and Cabot Cliffs, designed by Coore and Crenshaw in 2016.

“The project came about as the ownership was doing some master planning to include real estate and other site usage options,” said Whitman. “The idea for a par-three course has always been a part of this overall plan. Ben Cowan-Dewar [co-founder and managing director of the resort] invited Dave and I to be the designers of this par-three course.”

The ten-hole layout is being built on land the resort already owns, just inland and uphill from Cabot Cliffs. “Ben spent quite a bit of time working with us to identify the property best suited for the course,” said Whitman. “We decided on a piece of rolling ground overlooking the final eight holes of the Cabot Cliffs course and the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. The course was routed to allow for maximum variety in length and shot values. Right now, we have ten holes, but that could be expanded.”

Whitman and Axland completed the routing in summer 2018. “We had fourteen holes at one time, but upon review we thought the strongest routing was the current ten-hole routing that we are working with today,” said Whitman.

“The natural ground contour and the angle of the holes allows for interesting, fun and varied golf. The ground has rolls, dips and ridges. It will have a Scottish feel and look to it and there will be spectacular views of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.”

Rough shaping of holes is currently in progress, with irrigation and drainage scheduled to start by mid-June. The seeding of the course is expected to be complete by late August.

The pair first worked together 25 years ago at Wolf Creek GC in Alberta, Canada, and have continued to collaborate since then. “Both of us have been involved extensively with both courses at Cabot,” said Whitman. “Furthermore, Keith Cutten is a valued member of the design team and has worked with us from day one on Cabot Links.

“We consider this another excellent opportunity to build fun and interesting golf. The goal is to have the new short course complement the other two courses, bolstering the already superlative golfing experience provided by Cabot Links Golf Resort.”

The course is expected to open in 2020.