Woodbury Park Golf Club adopts fleet of John Deere equipment

Woodbury Park Golf Club adopts fleet of John Deere equipment
Sean Dudley
By Sean Dudley

Woodbury Park Golf Club has taken on a fleet of John Deere golf course maintenance equipment.

The club near Exeter, UK will now benefit from a 260SL walk-behind tees mower, three 2500B triplex greens mowers, two 8700A fairway mowers, an 8800A semi-rough mower and a 1600T wide area rotary mower.

The new fleet also includes two XUV 855D and two HPX Gator 4x4 utility vehicles, a ProGator fitted with an HD200 amenity turf sprayer and a 1200A bunker rake.

Woodbury Park is home to the 18-hole The Oaks course and a nine-hole course named The Acorns. The new fleet will be used to help maintain both courses, as well as the club’s grounds and football pitch.

“Whatever John Deere has done over the past few years, they’ve done it right,” said Ian Chenery, Woodbury Park’s golf course and estate manager. “The fairway and greens mowers give us the best finish, as the groomers lift the grass before it is cut, and the greens mowers maintain a consistent evenness of cut, as the pivot system enables the cutting units to follow undulations. The new TechControl computer on the A Model fairway and semi-rough mowers is also very good – surface damage is minimal as the course manager can set the turning speed, as well as the forward and transport speeds. And the machinery has performed reliably; there have been teething problems but that always happens with new equipment and it hasn’t been a major issue. If the equipment works as well in three years’ time as it does now we’ll certainly go with John Deere again.”