Golf Course Architecture - Green Pages 2021

8 INFRACORE GOL F BR I DGES Photos: InfraCore Golf Bridges T raditional golf course bridges require a lot of maintenance. After all, the weather has free rein on the golf course. Rust and rot require regular and intensive maintenance and the lifespan of bridges is limited. A non-slip surface in particular is a delicate part of every bridge and often leads to dangerous situations. With the fully composite InfraCore Golf Bridges, these matters belong to the past. Our golf bridges are made using InfraCore technology, which has been specially developed for building extremely robust panels of fibre- reinforced polymers (FRP or composite). Bridges with InfraCore Inside are also used for the heaviest traffic. The bridges last more than 100 years and require hardly any maintenance. Cleaning now and then is sufficient. Our fully prefabricated bridges, including a non- slip-forever wear layer and handrail system, are Bridging courses around the world Simon de Jong, founder of InfraCore Golf Bridges, talks about the company’s maintenance-free bridges InfraCore Golf Bridges are installed at courses around the world, including Castle Hill Country Club in Australia, above, and Bernardus Golf in the Netherlands, right