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ZLINE BUNKER SYSTEMS Nestled on the shore of Lake Las Vegas, in Nevada, the golf course at SouthShore Country Club was laid out by Nicklaus Design in 1996. It rises from the lake edge up to the ridges of rugged canyons, and is characterised by its strategic bunkering. Over time however, those bunkers began to show signs of wear and tear, prompting the club to embark upon a renovation. Construction management firm Fusion Golf collaborated with ZLine Bunker Systems with a goal to improve the appearance of the bunkers while also prioritising functionality and sustainability. The firms worked together to analyse the existing conditions and create a masterplan for the renovation. The ZLine liner system was chosen to enhance playability and drainage, and minimise disruption to play Leaving nothing to chance in Vegas SouthShore Country Club has chosen bunker lining from ZLine Bunker Systems to enhance their appearance, functionality and sustainability. SouthShore Country Club has renovated its bunkers using lining from ZLine Bunker Systems 12