Golf Course Architecture - Green Pages 2024

13 from inclement weather. The liners are also designed to hold sand in place – even on steep slopes – and thereby reducing maintenance requirements. “The renovation was a labour of love and precision,” said Casey Jones, national sales and product manager at ZLine Bunker Systems. “It wasn’t just about upgrading the bunkers; it was about preserving the essence of Nicklaus’s design while enhancing playability for golfers of all skill levels. Fusion Golf’s team of experienced golf construction personnel came in and, with minimal disturbance to golf play, began an extensive renovation of the desert landscape. The team carefully reshaped and crafted each bunker to reflect the natural contours of the original design and landscape, seamlessly blending aesthetics with functionality. “Once shaping and finish work were completed, ZLine’s Installation team came in and performed the liner installation and bonding, a process that utilises specialised hot-melt technology to create a seamless one-piece liner with incredible strength that outperforms traditional adhesives.” Fusion Golf and ZLine Bunker Systems then briefed the club’s maintenance staff to ensure the longevity and performance of the new bunker liners. The bunker renovations have delivered several key benefits for the club, including improved playability. The newly renovated bunkers have transformed what were previously viewed as hazards into strategic elements that add to the challenge and allure of the course. “As SouthShore continues to evolve, this renovation demonstrates its commitment to providing world-class amenities and experiences to its members and guests,” said Jones. “It’s not just a renovation; it’s an enduring testament to the legacy of golf and the marriage of tradition and innovation.” For more on ZLine Bunker Systems, turn to page 60, or visit