Rain Bird Europe

Batiment A – Parc Clamar
240 Rue René Descartes – BP 40072
13792 Aix-en-Provence Cedex 3
Jimmy Sandison, Regional Golf Sales Manager
Phone: 7976 638859

Rain Bird creates irrigation technology that shapes the future. Founded in 1933, Rain Bird’s 4,000+ products sustain life’s essentials and support green spaces. The irrigation leader draws on nearly a century of expertise to serve a wide variety of industries, blending natural design and human ingenuity to make water work for everyone. Nurturing the world’s green spaces is a big responsibility. And at Rain Bird, it’s only a small part of how the company is growing a better future. Rain Bird is innovating to stay ahead of the challenges faced by both its customers and the planet, designing and manufacturing products that will shape the future of irrigation. Rain Bird’s global team has more than 450 patents to its name already, and is continuing to innovate. Rain Bird’s approach to sustainability is grounded in its commitment to the ‘Intelligent Use of Water’ philosophy. The philosophy influences everything from product to partnerships, starting with smart engineering that ensures Rain Bird uses water as efficiently as possible. It also shapes the company’s approach to education and services, all driven by the pursuit of near- and long-term water conservation goals.

Industry focus
  • Greenkeeping Products, Materials and Related Services
  • Turfgrasses Related Products and Services
  • Water Management Products and Services


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