Cabot Cape Breton previews its new short course

  • Nest
    Steve Rankin

    Whitman, Axland & Cutten has completed The Nest, a ten-hole short course at Cabot Cape Breton (double green at fourth and ninth pictured)

  • Landskrona
    Steve Rankin

    The layout is open for preview play (hole eight pictured)

  • Landskrona
    Steve Rankin

    The tee shot for the fifth hole plays over a lake to a green defended by three bunkers

  • Landskrona
    Steve Rankin

    “The natural ground contour with rolls, dips and ridges combined with the angle of the holes makes for an interesting and exciting golf experience,” says Rod Whitman (seventh hole pictured)

Richard Humphreys
By Richard Humphreys

Cabot Cape Breton in Inverness, Canada, has opened The Nest for preview play. The 10-hole par-three course has been designed by newly formed architecture firm Whitman, Axland & Cutten.


“We searched throughout the Cliffs property to find the land that would yield the best golf holes,” said Dave Axland. “We had a number of options but kept coming back to this site. The ground has a lot of natural contour and variety.”


“The Nest sits on a lofty perch – the highest point of the Cliffs property – and was an interesting combination of open meadow and light coastal forest,” added Rod Whitman. “Several deep washes define the site and our routing. In addition, the elevation affords incredible vistas of Cabot Cliffs, the ocean backdrop, and those spectacular sunsets that this area is known for.”


The new course plays just over 1,300 yards with holes ranging from 95 to 232 yards, and features a double green for the fourth and ninth holes.


Read more: Whitman spoke to GCA when the project began in 2019 about how the team routed the course.


“The goal of the new course is to offer the excitement of a traditional golf round, but one that can be played with a handful of clubs in a fraction of the time,” said Keith Cutten. “The swifter pace of play is meant to be more inclusive and appealing to a variety of people including families, juniors and beginners, along with experts and pros. The Nest features all of the hallmarks of links golf found at Cabot’s full-length courses with firm, fast conditions that invite creativity, accompanied by extraordinary ocean views.”


“The natural ground contour with rolls, dips and ridges combined with the angle of the holes makes for an interesting and exciting golf experience,” said Whitman. “The quality of the collection of holes at The Nest is remarkable. Each of the offerings on the 10-hole short course could easily be found on both Links and Cliffs, making it a fantastic addition to the existing lineup of golf. This is strong classic golf, not a pitch and putt. It is Cabot worthy!”


“The new short course complements the current golf experience and provides a tremendous amount of fun for golfers at all levels,” said Ben Cowan-Dewar, CEO and co-founder of Cabot Links. “I’m thrilled that we will share another great golf opportunity, which is part of our continuing desire to offer compelling new enhancements for our owners, guests and community.”