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R I CHARD HUMPHREYS Capacity planning WE LCOME 1 Over the past couple of years, as the number of golf clubs undertaking substantial projects on their courses has surged, a major challenge has emerged: finding partners who have the capacity to support projects in a reasonable timescale. It’s great news that golf course architects, construction firms and other suppliers are thriving, but understandably frustrating for clubs when they finally get approval for a project and then find they will have to wait a substantial amount of time for suppliers – or parts they need – to become available. We hope, therefore, that GCA Green Pages is more useful than ever before. The supplier directory section of this 2023 issue may give you options you hadn’t yet considered for businesses that offer golf course design, development, maintenance and related services. Inside you’ll also hear about several projects – featuring some of those profiled suppliers – that golf clubs have been able to complete in recent years. These include Golf Club Föhr in Germany, LedgeRock in Pennsylvania, Brantford G&CC in Canada, Silo Field Club in New York, Prestwick St Nicholas in Scotland, and Spanish Trail in Las Vegas. Our supplier directory is also available online, with a simple search facility that will help you identify businesses that may be suitable for your specific needs. Visit to find a partner. I hope you find this guide an informative and valuable resource, and wish you all the best for your golf projects in 2023 and beyond.

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For over 75 years, WATG has redefined what is possible. In 170 countries and territories, we have delivered over 400 built projects, welcoming over 100,000 visitors, guests and golfers every day around the world. To all the clients, partners, golf designers and colleagues who have joined and inspired us on our journey, Thank You.

08 Rain Bird’s IC System helps improve playing conditions at Golf Club Föhr 10 Timothy Krzeminski describes a water feature Laughing Waters created for Silo Ridge Field Club 12 Keith Cutten reflects on WAC Golf ’s course-wide renovation at Brantford Golf & Country Club 14 Bunkers at Spanish Trail Country Club have been updated with liner from ZLine Bunker Systems 16 Siobhan Smith explains how Turf Irrigation Services and Rain Bird improved irrigation at Prestwick St Nicholas 18 Blinder Bunker Liner helps LedgeRock Golf Club enhance bunker playability and reduce maintenance costs 19 Art Schaupeter describes how practice areas for golf can become entertainment spaces 20 The GCA Green Pages Supplier Directory ON THE COVER Royal Liverpool will host the Open Championship in 2023 Photographed by: Kevin Murray 7 CONTENTS

8 RA I N B I RD The North Frisian Island of Föhr is situated in the Wadden Sea, the largest tidal flat system in the world which extends almost 11,500 square kilometres and is bordered by Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. The biodiverse destination was inscribed on the Unesco World Heritage List as a site of Outstanding Universal Value in 2009, putting it on a level footing with the Great Barrier Reef in respect of its preservation and management. The natural beauty and biodiversity of the island has long inspired golfers. First opened in 1925 on the southern shores of the island, Golf Club Föhr is a 27-hole complex with a long history. In the build up to its centenary, the club has been investing in projects to improve the course, working with architect Christian Althaus who redesigned 12 holes to great acclaim in 2014. Althaus has since been completing Investing in the future on the island of Föhr Golf Club Föhr has installed the Rain Bird IC System to improve irrigation and the playing experience at its historic course on the island of Föhr Christian Althaus has redesigned the Old course at Golf Club Föhr to better connect the layout with the natural environment

9 the eagerly anticipated redesign of the final six holes of the Old course. “The closing holes of the three half rounds, the entrance around the clubhouse, the walkways and the practice facility were completely rebuilt,” says Althaus. “Striking individual trees and visual axes were worked out and the course sections were harmoniously connected. The focus was on fully modernising the golf elements of the facility, which included adding a new state-of-the-art irrigation system with a two-row, in parts three-row, system for greater efficiency. “Strong winds and the sandy soil on the island means that irrigation must be precise. In order to achieve the typical links course character, it is also important to only irrigate the playing surfaces. Water conservation was a key consideration, as the need to protect and preserve it is never more acute than in an island setting.” The club opted to implement the Rain Bird IC System. “The system was a clear choice for the club,” says Althaus. “The head greenkeeper has control over every single rotor while information from the field ensures that only the required amount of water is applied with impressive accuracy and uniformity.” The club selected contractor Dennis Brehmer to manage the project due to his experience in all aspects of golf course construction and irrigation. Work began in August and progressed at pace due to Brehmer’s many years of project management and his knowledge about Rain Bird technologies. After just 10 weeks, Brehmer’s team had moved almost 40,000 cubic metres of sand, reconstructed six holes, installed the new irrigation system, and the course was ready for seeding. Crucially for the venue, golfers had 18 holes available for play throughout. “This project is an investment in the future,” says club manager Tom Anlauf. “With our island location, we need a reliable system with lots of technical possibilities and the ability to locate and fix problems quickly. The Rain Bird IC System delivers exactly what we needed. Just as important as the technology is the support we receive from our Rain Bird distributor, Christian Stock, and the experience and close proximity of our contractor, Brehmer. This will continue to be important to us for further conversations in the future.” The new holes are scheduled to open in early June 2023 when visitors can look forward to a memorable and unique golfing experience. For more on Rain Bird, turn to page 51, or visit

L AUGH I NG WATERS Laughing Waters is a water feature design and build firm that is experienced in both public and private projects. The company mainly focuses on building water features – including man-made lakes, streams and waterfalls – for private estates in the US. Building on its experience working with a variety of clients, Laughing Waters was approached by a New York golf club to design a water feature on its final hole. “We were brought into the golf course industry because of our attention to detail in large scale projects, as well as our skills in handling natural rock, and creating authentic monumental features and formations out of rock and water,” said Krzeminski, president of Laughing Waters. Silo Ridge Field Club, a private community located in New York, near the towns of Millbrook and Amenia, Blending nature and art at Silo Ridge Timothy Krzeminski of Laughing Waters describes a new water feature for the Silo Ridge Field Club in New York Laughing Waters’ work at Silo Ridge includes a 1,200-foot-long stream and a water feature alongside the eighteenth green Photo: Laughing Waters 10

tasked Laughing Waters with designing a water feature to fit on the eighteenth hole of the club’s Tom Fazio golf course. The layout is located on the highest ground in the community and offers views towards the Taconic Mountains. The main element of the project was for the water feature to be designed to wrap around the eighteenth hole, with a waterfall next to the green. Thousands of tonnes of boulders and rocks from the surrounding hills were used in the construction, with the project completed in three weeks. A goal of the construction was to maintain the natural beauty of the community’s 800 acres. “The water feature complements the eighteenth hole by involving the natural surrounding elements and gently blending nature and art into the golf environment,” said Krzeminski. Laughing Waters’ work at Silo Ridge also includes a 1,200-foot-long man-made stream that carries 7,570 litres of water, per minute, through the course. For more on Laughing Water, turn to page 46 or visit Photos: Laughing Waters 11

12 WH I TMAN, AX L AND & CUT TEN Brantford Golf & Country Club is the fourth oldest club in North America, with its origins dating back to 1879. This is an impressive feat in and of itself. However, what many may fail to realise is that thew original 18-hole golf course was a Thompson, Cumming and Thompson design, with much of the design input coming from Stanley’s older brother Nicol Thompson. Nevertheless, Stanley did cut his teeth as a designer at Brantford. In fact, Brantford seemingly represents one of the early launching points of his solo career, and that of Canada’s greatest golf course architect. The 2021 season marked the centennial of 18 holes being played at Brantford. Many changes had occurred over that time, including a major 18-hole renovation and a rerouting of the golf course in the mid-1960s by Stanley Thompson’s protegee Robbie Robinson. Since then, both major and minor bunker projects had been completed and in-house adjustments made to the golf course. However, none of these efforts had been carried out in a holistic manner spanning the entire property. The result was a mixed bag of architectural styles. As Taking a holistic approach to a Canadian gem Keith Cutten of WAC Golf reflects on the design firm’s course-wide renovation at Brantford Golf & Country Club WAC Golf ’s renovation at Brantford has touched the entire property Photo: Andrew Harvie

13 such, the club sought to recognise and restore this history with a thoughtful renovation. WAC Golf architect Rod Whitman and I broke ground on a course-wide renovation in autumn 2021 following overwhelming member approval. The project saw holistic upgrades to the bunkers and irrigation system. The bunker forms were changed significantly to better reflect the original styling of the golf course. Grassed-down, steep, and rumpled faces were created in various forms to emulate a late 1910s, Long Island-inspired, motif. Furthermore, new greens were created at holes three, six, seven, sixteen and seventeen. Thoughtful contour, both large and subtle, were crafted by our experienced design team. The new greens have been so well received by members that there have been rumblings to do more work in a few years’ time. The last layer to these improvements has been a focus on mowing lines. Shortgrass areas of play have been vastly expanded, creating new recovery areas around greens, and improving the relationship between the bunkers and the fairways. New strategic angles of play have been produced through new turf and selective tree removal. We have also stretched the shortgrass right to the edge of hazards. The result is a thoughtful renovation which should enthral every level of golfer and bolster Brantford’s already sterling reputation in Canadian golf. Though members have played many of the renovated holes already, because they have been completed in phases, the full experience of the renovated Brantford will become available in spring 2023. The success of this project could not have been achieved without the support of Brantford’s membership, green committee, board, and management team. A special debt of gratitude needs to be extended to Dr David Pugh and golf course superintendent Stephen Hicks (and his dedicated team) for their unwavering support during the project. WAC Golf associate Kurtis Lavis did a fantastic job in helping to implement our vision. Finally, RC Golfworks, Future Green Irrigation (under the direction of irrigation consultant Tim Fredericks), Hutcheson Sand & Mixes, and Greenhorizons Sod Farms provided the materials, infrastructure, and quality to help deliver the finished product. For more on WAC Golf, turn to page 60, or visit The WAC team has created short transitions between greens and tees, like here between the third and fourth holes Photo: Andrew Harvie

14 Z L I NE BUNKER SYSTEMS Spanish Trail Country Club and the surrounding community have served as an address for celebrities, local professionals and golf aficionados since its founding in 1984. Andre Agassi and Siegfried Fischbacher have called Spanish Trail home, and the royal family of Brunei owns a 15-acre compound here. With a 27-hole golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr., the club’s exclusivity, lush landscaping and wall-to-wall turf made it a top venue in the Las Vegas Valley for years, and a host to PGA Tour events. After 35 years, numerous ownership changes, an economic recession that stifled the Las Vegas Valley, and extreme desert elements combined to deteriorate the course to a level below what was to be expected from the iconic club. New ownership therefore decided to infuse new life back into the landmark Las Vegas club by embarking on an extensive renovation. Project manager Ty Schrock was tasked with bringing playing conditions at the facility back to the club’s glory days, focusing first on the restoration of bunkers Rejuvenating a Las Vegas landmark Bunkers at Spanish Trail Country Club have been updated to modern standards with liner from ZLine Bunker Systems Bunkers at Spanish Trail awaiting the installation of liners

15 and cart paths. After years of deferred maintenance and erosion by the harsh Las Vegas elements, bunkers had become an eyesore and unplayable, mostly contaminated with stones and gravel from severe erosion and poor maintenance practices. The condition of the bunkers was at a level that would require complete reshaping, new drainage and an advanced bunker liner to fully update them to modern standards. Schrock’s previous experience in renovation projects led the club to select construction company Fusion Golf to handle the renovation process and restore the bunkers to their former glory. After extensive research, Schrock then reached out to ZLine Bunker Systems to supply a liner that was best suited to the new bunkers and to protect the club’s investment. ZLine's High Line product was selected to minimise sand movement and erosion within the bunkers and protect them from subsurface erosion that plagued the course previously. “The liner is designed to hold sand in place on steep slopes and faces and eliminate sub-surface erosion and contamination,” said Casey Jones, national sales manager at ZLine Bunker Systems. “It also includes a standalone edging product that protects the bunker edge from deterioration. Backed by a 15-year warranty, the affordable product offered the best option for the renovation.” The renovation has delivered several key benefits for the club, including reduced maintenance costs, improved playing conditions for club patrons and the ability to reappropriate funds previously wasted on bunker maintenance and materials to other areas of the course that are still in need. Due to the protection of ZLine Bunker Systems’ liners, the newly renovated bunkers will continue looking new for years to come, enabling the club to continue moving forward in its rebuilding process. For more on ZLine Bunker Systems, turn to page 62, or visit Bunkers with the High Line product from ZLine Bunker Systems in place

16 TUR F I RR I GAT I ON SERV I CES The spirit of collaboration Siobhan Smith explains how Turf Irrigation Services and Rain Bird combined to install a new irrigation system at Prestwick St Nicholas Golf Club Founded in Linlithgow, Scotland, in 1994 by Quentin and Margaret Allardice, Turf Irrigation Services (TIS) is a family-run business that has installed irrigation systems on golf courses across Scotland, the UK and beyond, including several venues of the Open. In 2022, TIS began working with irrigation product manufacturer Rain Bird to install an integrated control (IC) system at the prestigious Prestwick St Nicholas Golf Club in Prestwick, Scotland. TIS was appointed by the club, alongside Rain Bird, as the preferred contractor and manufacturer respectively. While installations of this scale are not new to the firm, this project was noteworthy as the first collaboration between Rain Bird and TIS in Scotland, and as the largest capital investment project in the club’s history. TIS started work in January 2022, with contracts manager Neil Porteous at the helm. Neil led a team of twelve between January and April through every weather condition which Scotland could throw at them – rain, hail, snow, ice, wind, mist, and even the occasional breakout of sunshine! The project was an expansive one, with a new pump station installed, alterations made to the reservoir water feed and the existing control system upgraded to Rain Bird’s IC System with Cirrus Central Control. “The system performs well above our expectations and the installation programme was professionally accomplished,” said Colin Ramsay, captain and irrigation system manager at Prestwick St Nicholas. “The TIS team were all very easy to work with and extremely accommodating. Their managing director Quentin Allardice was always on hand to discuss progress and to add his considerable experience to the overall installation. This cooperation and professionalism resulted in a truly exceptional irrigation system and the club looks forward to it improving the course for many, many years to come.” For more on Turf Irrigation Services, turn to page 58, or visit Photo: Turf Irrigation Services

18 BL I NDER BUNKER Creating long-lasting bunkers LedgeRock Golf Club enhanced playability, reduced maintenance costs and extended bunker lifespans at its course by using Blinder Bunker Liner LedgeRock Golf Club – a Rees Jones design near Reading, Pennsylvania – opened in 2006. No viable bunker liners were available at the time, so the bunkers were constructed by placing sand directly on the soil and drainage lines. With washouts from heavy rainfall, over time the sand became contaminated with silt and stones. The club was keen to solve this problem, so worked with superintendent Alan FitzGerald to find a permanent solution that would avoid the need to rebuild the bunkers in the future. After experimenting with several products, in 2015 FitzGerald and the club partnered with Blinder Bunker Liner, which was created in the UK in 2010 and is the original porous, seamless rubber bunker liner. For the initial trial in the US, Blinder was installed in three of the course’s bunkers. With the course approaching its 20th anniversary, the club worked with Jones and his associate Bryce Swanson on redesigning and modifying some of the course’s holes. Bryce and Rees used data on how the course plays to reduce the size of bunkers while enhancing the playability of the course and reducing the long-term labour costs associated with regular maintenance. In 2022, the club rebuilt 60,000 square feet of greenside bunkers using Blinder. By the summer, Blinder USA’s certified installer George E Ley Company had cleaned out and drained the bunkers, installed the liners and added a new sand from Fertl Soil. When the old sand was removed from the course’s existing Blinder bunkers – seven years after they were constructed – FitzGerald reported that the sand and the liner were in the same condition as the day they were installed. “By removing all points of potential failure, the entire Blinder system is the best way to ensure the longevity of the sand and the bunker itself, fulfilling LedgeRock’s goal of finding a long-term solution to extend a bunker’s lifespan,” he said. For more on Blinder Bunker Liner, turn to page 33 or visit Photos: Blinder Bunker LedgeRock GC rebuilt 60,000 square feet of greenside bunkers using Blinder

ART SCHAUPETER Making practice fun Art Schaupeter describes how practice areas for golf can become entertainment spaces One aspect of golf facilities that has benefitted from an evolution of design thought is the practice area. I have worked with a variety of facilities, both public and private, in which I have been able to convert an unused area, typically a couple of acres, into a new practice/ entertainment area. The first principle in designing any practice space is ensuring that players get complete ‘feedback’ on whatever it is they are practicing. They need to be able to see the result of their shot so that they can analyse and associate the feeling of what they did with the result. There are a few key amenities that allow for a practice area to double as an entertainment space. Firstly, the practice green needs to be as large as possible. The larger it is the more variety and interest can be incorporated into the design. Secondly, the chipping green will be broken out into multiple smaller greens within the designated chipping area. This allows for the creation of a wider range of situational practice scenarios. Each green edge can have a different slope and/or angle, creating more variety, allowing for multiple players to find a spot around one of the greens to do their practice. The multiple chipping greens can also be played as a loop. Where space allows, I also like to incorporate a chipping range. This is a short-range area that plays out to a length of about 100 yards. Small target greens are positioned on exact yardages spaced out every 15 yards. This provides another form of ‘feedback’ for golfers. These practice/entertainment areas create outstanding opportunities for the development of new players while also creating fun and interesting golf for regular players, which is not expensive and doesn’t require a lengthy time commitment. With the added variety of short-game greens and chipping areas, players can either use the space as a fully comprehensive practice facility or they can use it as a short course to play. A multiple-hole course can be set up to provide a new amenity for players. With each hole likely to be less than 90 yards, players can walk the course carrying no more than a couple clubs and a ball. The short course would require little time and would be very playable with no real hazards other than a bunker or two. For more on Art Schaupeter, turn to page 31, or visit Photo: Mike McNeil/Schaefer-Meyer Schaupeter has designed a unique practice facility for the University of Missouri golf teams to use at The Club at Old Hawthorne 19

SUPP L I ER D I RECTORY Welcome to the supplier directory section of GCA Green Pages 2023. In the following pages you’ll find contact and company information for suppliers of a wide range of products and services related to golf design and maintenance. For the most comprehensive, up-to-date catalogue of companies listed in GCA Green Pages, visit our online supplier directory at 20

Photo: Hanse Golf Course Design The North course at Los Angeles Country Club will host the US Open in 2023 21

…because Nordic Plow’s series of patented Core Solutions products are designed to assist the superintendent in getting their course ready for play quicker than ever before, in a manner that’s easier on the turf, personnel and budget. Our most popular Core Solutions product attaches to the Toro ProCore 648 and ProCore 864, allowing one person to do the job of three or four, in half the time. e smooth edge glides over the turf ’s surface and gathers the core plugs cleanly, allowing the operator to drop them neatly whenever they stop aerating. is eliminates the back-breaking shovel technique or time-consuming blowers. Because it attaches directly to the aerator, you reduce the heavy footprint other equipment would cause to your greens, especially on wet surfaces. A new line of Core Solutions for use on bunker rakes and tri-deck mowers utilises the same smooth edge found on our ProCore 648 and 864 version, but is 64 inches wide and can be used on fairways. Imagine following the Toro 1298 or similar aerator down a fairway with two bunker rakes gathering the cores up in its wake! No longer do you have to wait for them to dry, then blow them o the fairways, and then gather them. Cutting your sta ’s time in half will not only save your budget, but it will get the course open quicker to increase revenue faster than ever before. Nordic Plow has unique products for snow clearance too. Our patented rounded edge plow blade can attach to your turf equipment and bunker rakes, UTVs and ATVs in 49” or 64” inch widths. We also o er a rounded and/or sharp edge pusher we call the Perfect Shovel (24”, 36” and 48” wide), which reduces back issues due to its ergonomically designed handle and adjustable angles. In addition, we o er a variety of plow blades which mount to golf carts (including Club Car and EZGO) and zero-turn mowers. Our Core Solutions line of products is sold primarily through Toro and other distributors around the world and used on greens, tee boxes and fairways. We attach to most brands of aerators and equipment available. Why do Toro distributors overwhelmingly recommend Core Solutions byNordic Plow? For more information, visit to find a preferred distributor near you. Made in the USA | 630 Schneider Dr, South Elgin, IL 60177 | 888-662-PLOW

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27 COMPAN I ES A-Z Accuproducts International 9045 Austin Road Saline MI 48176 USA Tel: +1 800 253 2112 Tel: +1 734 429 9571 Fax: +1 734 429 3985 Accuproducts International specialises in the manufacturing of precision tools for golf course mowing equipment. Products like the ACCU-GAGE, GROOMER-GAGE, BENCH-PLATE, and other products are the standard of the industry for precision mower and verticutter set up. Other proprietary products include the SANDCOMB for use in filtering out debris from bunkers, WETTING-FORK for use in wetting localised dry spots on greens, and a variety of other maintenance products that help golf course superintendents and mechanics provide the finest golf playing conditions. Agrostis Sports Surface Consulting 21 Grove Park Walsham le Willows Bury St Edmunds Suffolk IP31 3AE UK Contact: Dr Tim Lodge Tel: +44 1359 259361 Agrostis founder Dr Tim Lodge has provided independent agronomy advice to golf courses since 1995. He is a founder member and treasurer of the Register of Independent Professional Turfgrass Agronomists (RIPTA). His PhD thesis was based on research funded by the R&A and is titled ‘The Construction, Irrigation and Fertiliser Nutrition of Golf Greens’ (University of Leeds, 1994). Tim Lodge’s technical background is supplemented by an extensive career advising golf courses and other sports facilities throughout the UK. He has also visited golf courses and turf research institutions in southwest China and the US. Golf course agronomy services are tailored to suit the client. Some prefer a one-off advisory visit to resolve a particular issue while others follow a regular programme of visits once, twice or more times each year.

The ONly BuNker LiNiNg SolutioN Premium Bunker Lining Systems Tee Line Systems Driving Range Sand Replacement Liners All Inclusive Systems– One Price INSTALLATION SERVICES AVAILABLE 832 375 5110 | 2001 Timberloch Place, Suite 500 | The Woodlands, TX | 77380 Financial assistance available OAC. We accept all major credit cards. We Carry a Full Line of Golf Course Specialty Products We Offer FREE Demo Bunker Packages!

29 Althaus Golf Design Althaus Golfdesign Schwerinstr. 22 Düsseldorf 40477 Germany Contact: Christian Althaus Tel: +49 177 3632200 Althaus Golfdesign is a unique, international qualified golf course architecture practice passionate about creating exciting, visually stunning, and highly individual golf courses. Covering all phases of golf course architecture, the company is currently working on a further major remodel of Germanys highly acclaimed Golf Club Föhr. After the 12-hole newbuild in 2014, the current phase now includes the construction of 10 new greens and several fairways. Some recent projects include the extensive renovation of Cologne-Marienburger; newbuilds in Bremen, Lilienthal and Dresden-Herzogswalde; new short courses at Essen-Oefte and Wasserburg-Anholt; as well as the Wedge-O-Drom at St. Leon-Rot. Besides renovations at Hohwacht, Trier, Krefeld, Kassel, Bielefeld and Essen, the firm creates masterplans and designs practice facilities. As principal architect, Christian Althaus leads the company. Over the past 20 years he has gained valuable experience during more than 35 projects and has worked as both a designer and onsite architect. In addition, he completed the EIGCA’s two-year education programme and was awarded with the professional diploma in golf course design. He is also a member of the Architects Chamber of North Rhine-Westphalia. American Society of Golf Course Architects 155 S. Executive Drive, Suite 100 Brookfield WI 53005 USA Contact: Chad Ritterbusch Tel: +1 262 786 5960 Founded in 1946 by Donald Ross, Robert Trent Jones and 12 other leading architects, the American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA) is a non-profit organisation comprised of experienced golf course designers located throughout North America. ASGCA members have completed a rigorous application process that includes the peer review of representative golf courses. Members are able to counsel in all aspects of golf course design and remodelling and comprise many of the great talents throughout the golf industry. COMPAN I ES A-Z

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31 Arthur Schaupeter Golf Course Architects 59 Willow Brook Drive St. Louis MO 63146 USA Contact: Arthur Schaupeter Tel: +1 314 443 9029 Schaupeter offers full design services for both new designs and renovations of existing courses, working closely with his clients throughout the design and construction process, listening to their input and ensuring their involvement at all stages. He develops detailed plans prior to construction to allow thorough idea review and vetting and accurate cost estimating and construction budgeting. During construction he is on site extensively, reviewing every aspect of each hole to ensure that every opportunity is realised to create a great golf course for his clients and thus a great golfing experience for the players. Schaupeter tells his clients that “putting the golf in the golfer’s hands” is the key tenet underlying the successful golf courses that he has designed. “Don’t dictate the play to the players; create a variety of options for them to consider on each hole and let them strategise their play on each shot.” Several of Schaupeter’s courses have been recognised including TPC Colorado as Golf Digest’s #3 Best New Private Club 2019, The Highlands of Elgin as Golfweek’s #2 Best Course You Can Play in the State of Illinois 2016, The Republic Golf Club was named the #1 Best Public Course in San Antonio, Texas, from 2006-2009 by San Antonio Express News, and Highland Meadows golf course was Golf Digest’s #5 Best New Affordable Public Course 2005. Atlas Turf International PO Box 4731 LaGrange GA 30241 USA Contact: John Holmes Tel: +1 706 881 2430 Atlas Turf International provides turf on a global scale as a worldwide distributor of the highest quality turfgrasses for golf courses and sports fields. Atlas Turf offers the most sought-after genetically pure, licensed and certified warm season turfgrasses including paspalum, ultradwarf bermudagrass, bermudagrass, and zoysia. Partnering with Pure Seed and Tee-2-Green, Atlas Turf also offers superior cool season turfgrasses including bentgrass, Kentucky bluegrass, ryegrass, and fescue. In addition, Atlas Turf now provides native grasses. More than a supplier, Atlas Turf collaborates with clients to provide complete grassing solutions from selection stages through to grow-in phases. Extensive experience in the golf industry, knowledge of worldwide distribution channels, relationships with the leading turf experts, and alliances with the world’s premier golf associations give Atlas Turf an unparalleled position in the global turfgrass market. For greens, tees, fairways, and roughs, and sports fields of every kind, Atlas Turf is the global choice for the finest turfgrasses available. COMPAN I ES A-Z

32 COMPAN I ES A-Z Audubon International 120 Defreest Drive Troy New York 12180 USA Contact: Kat Welch, Director of Signature Sanctuary Certification Tel: +1 518 767 9051 Audubon International (AI) is the trusted name in environmental certifications for golf courses, resorts and communities. By combining unlimited technical assistance and education, AI assists golf course managers, architects, and other stakeholders implement sound environmental management practices – all while achieving third party verification. AI offers two certifications for golf courses, the most elite and customisable being its Signature Sanctuary which ensures sustainable design, construction and long-term management of new and renovating golf courses, resorts and communities. Its second golf-focused certification is the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary which works to improve environmental practices and management techniques at existing golf courses. Audubon International’s science and data driven curriculum ensures its members are not only implementing sustainable practices but also monitoring their success. Over the past 30 years, Audubon International, a not-for-profit environmental organisation, has enrolled over 3,000 properties and certified over 900 properties across the world including numerous top 100 golf courses. Bergin Golf Designs 100 Huntcliff Point Atlanta GA 30350 USA Contact: Bill Bergin Tel: +1 770 993 6310 Bergin Golf Designs came into existence in 1994. Perhaps it is no coincidence that it started from the ‘ground up’ as that is essentially the essence of its design philosophy. Having played the world’s best golf courses as a touring professional and having gained an understanding of the ability of the everyday player as a teaching professional, Bill Bergin not only feels the quality of a golf course through his feet, but he also judges the character of his course designs by how well they play on the ground. Bergin Golf Designs’ golf courses are, without question, demanding for the best golfers yet fun and fair for the majority of golfers who step onto the first tee. Considered a reverent restorer of classic courses, Bergin Golf Designs’ restoration portfolio includes renovations of Tillinghast, Raynor, Langford and Ross courses. While honouring the roots of his renovation projects, Bergin modernises his courses with today’s technology, environmental stewardship, and best maintenance practices. His work on McLemore on Lookout Mountain in north Georgia garnered recognition by Golf Digest as the best finishing hole built in the US since the year 2000. BGD offers design and construction supervision services for new layouts, renovations, and practice facilities. Bill Bergin, a member of the American Society of Golf Course Architects, knows golf and loves golf. He and his team create outstanding courses enjoyed by golfers of all levels.

33 Blinder Bunker Liner Blinder Bunker USA 1 Greenbriar Drive Mohnton PA 19540 USA Contact: Alan FitzGerald Tel: +1 610 678 0889 Blinder Bunker Liner is the original, porous, seamless, and completely flexible bunker liner. It was developed to be the consummate solution to bunker maintenance and contamination issues. The first trial bunkers were installed in 2008, with the commercial launch in 2011. Blinder has since been installed in over 1,500 bunkers throughout the world. Blinder uses recycled rubber mixed onsite with a binding agent to create a flexible porous liner. The unique properties of Blinder are that it is resistant to club strikes along with its ability to withstand extreme changes in temperature and the associated expansion and contraction of surrounding soil due to prevailing weather conditions. It also offers all the other benefits of a porous liner such as providing a fast, free draining medium that prevents and eliminates washouts. This in turn provides a barrier to stones working up from the base, minimising contamination of the sand, all while improving the consistency and playability of bunkers. By Caspar Birkedalen 8 Rungsted Kyst DK-2960 Denmark Contact: Caspar Grauballe, Golf Course Architect Tel: +45 45 26 14 34 By Caspar is the design firm of golf architect Caspar Bay Grauballe, whose aim is to help improve the beautiful game of golf by creating new, and refining exciting, courses. Having been brought up and lived most of his life in Denmark he has been influenced by many of the great Danish designers and architects, integrating functionality and aesthetics. Combining this with a strong inspiration from the links courses he has worked on creating fun and practical golf courses. Grauballe’s background is strongly influenced by classical British golf course architecture, having worked on courses such as Royal Aberdeen, Lahinch, The Island, and Ballybunion. He was the lead architect for Hawtree Ltd on the design of Trump International Golf Links Scotland. He designs with a strong passion for getting the absolute best possible solutions for his clients – fair, fun, and sustainable golf courses. The mission is to develop golf courses with a clear and unique style that enables the clubs to attract more players.

34 COMPAN I ES A-Z ByWater Services Unit 7 Telford Way Stephenson Industrial Estate Coalville Leicestershire LE67 3HE UK Contact: Simon Bywater, Director Tel: +44 1530 833469 Since 1999, ByWater Services has been specialist manufacturers of wash water recycling systems, wash pads and other related equipment including design, installation and maintenance. In response to an ever-increasing demand, the company has developed a complete range of highquality systems designed to minimise water use and protect the environment. As a leading manufacturer ByWater is able to provide both off the shelf and bespoke solutions. Whatever a customer’s requirement, the company can supply the wash water recycling system and aftersales support to fit their operation. The company’s specialist and dedicated Nationwide Service Team provide support for ByWater’s systems and all other makes of wash water recycling systems. Campey Turf Care Systems Marton Hall Lane Marton Macclesfield SK11 9HG UK Contact: Julia Campey, Managing Director Tel: +44 126 022 4568 Campey Turf Care Systems is one of the world’s largest independent sports turf and ground care machinery suppliers, distributing innovative sports turf maintenance equipment. Over the years Campey has earned a reputation for offering practical advice and superb aftercare service to the golf industry, working closely with golf professionals in both the construction and natural turf maintenance on some of the finest golf courses across the world. The company acts as a new equipment importer for some of the most respected grounds care machinery manufacturers including Dakota, Imants, Koro, Campey, Vredo, Foley Air 2G2, Bel-lonMit, and Omarv.

35 Casey O’Callaghan Golf Course Design, Inc. 462 East 18th Street Costa Mesa California 92627 USA Contact: Casey O’Callaghan, President Tel: +1 949 675 5650 Casey O’Callaghan Golf Course Design, Inc., is an international award-winning golf course design firm that has focused on new golf course design, master planning design, golf course restoration, and various resort development projects throughout the world since 1990. Casey O’Callaghan is a graduate of the University of California Berkeley School of Environmental Design. The courses reflect Casey’s passion for the environment and blend seamlessly with the surrounding land while protecting sensitive habitats. Casey is intimately involved with all aspects of the design process: preliminary design, construction document production, construction observation, scheduling, budgets, and meetings. The firm’s approach is to focus on a few select projects so that it can provide superior service and design. The firm works closely with its clients and project teams to create beautiful, environmentally sensitive, strategically sound and enjoyable golf courses that are challenging yet playable for golfers of all skill levels. The firm has concentrated on fewer choice projects where they have provided individual attention to meet and exceed the goals of the clients. This attention to detail has garnered attention within the golf course community as well as numerous national and international awards. Conor J Walsh Golf Surrey, England UK Contact: Conor Walsh Tel: +44 7799 635169 Conor J Walsh Golf is a fully insured UK registered company operating a bespoke construction service. The company offers a comprehensive list of services in all aspects of construction, shaping and project management on newbuild and existing golf courses across Europe. It is the company’s philosophy and working practice to approach and structure a project that focuses on the importance of quality control, proper planning and on the detailed shaping that successfully captures a golf course design and concept. Utilising the latest in plant machinery technology, surveying equipment and highly experienced shapers ensures works are carried out to the highest standard and within the clients’ time frame and budget. The company is committed to ensuring its projects, whether on newbuilds or golf course renovation, are visually stunning, maintenance friendly and go beyond a client’s expectations.

36 COMPAN I ES A-Z Creative Golf Design First Floor Swan Buildings 20 Swan Street Manchester M4 5JW UK Contact: Ken Moodie, Director/Principal Architect Tel: +44 7966 538741 Creative Golf Design is an award-winning firm of golf course architects providing design and consultancy services to the golf industry. In addition to the design of new golf course developments, it also provides specialist expertise in golf course renovation and restoration work. The company applies the knowledge gained from studying and working on many classic golf courses when designing new golf facilities. The company was established in 1998 by Ken Moodie, a former president of the European Institute of Golf Course Architects. Since then, the company has worked on over 90 golf course projects in many different countries ranging from small-scale remodelling of established golf courses, improvements to practice facilities and new pitch and putt courses, and large-scale championship golf developments. Creative Golf Design has won a number of awards, including Golf Inc’s ‘Renovation of the Year’ in 2014 for its design work at Moortown Golf Club. The company has state-of-the-art computer-aided design and earth movement calculation software, Autocad Civil 3D, and photo-imaging software to provide high-quality plans and graphics. Creative Golf Design has developed a network of consultants to offer complementary specialist expertise in areas such as real estate master planning, ecology, agronomy, arboriculture, and irrigation engineering, so it can help the client to select a highly skilled design team to meet the special needs of the project. Cropcare Willowgrove Delgany Co. Co Wicklow Ireland Contact: John Killoran Tel: +353 86 222 5543 Cropcare is a leading supplier of a range of: • Specialised fertilisers • Wetting agents and pesticide solutions • Grass seeds • Hydroseeding mulches and soil amendments • Bunker renovation products Cropcare distribute a range of branded and well researched products sourced from the world’s leading suppliers of amenity solutions. Some suppliers include Envu, Syngenta, Aquatrols, Headland Amenity, Precision Labs, Profile products, Barenbrug and Capillary Concrete. We have direct access to their technical and advisory departments. Cropcare also provide a continuous technical backup and product advisory service by registered pesticide advisors. The company also provide regular on site advisory visits to provide a complete package of advice and product supply. Cropcare’s philosophy is to prosper from helping course managers to bring their courses to perfection.