News | 01 January 2006

The challenges of the Middle East

The need to find a balance between housing and golf in Middle Eastern developments causes particular problems for architects, says Niall Glen of Harradine Golf.
News | 01 January 2006

High roller golf

Going back as far as CB Macdonald’s ill-fated Lido, there have been expensive golf courses. But recently, the trickle of such projects has become a flood.
News | 01 October 2005

The Pioneer: Dr Alister MacKenzie

Designer of Alwoodley and Moortown in the UK, Cypress Point and Augusta National in the USA, and Royal Melbourne in Australia, Alister MacKenzie created some of golf’s most revered courses. Mark Rowlinson investigates his legacy.
News | 01 October 2005

One size fits all?

Can golf course architects design courses suitable for both professional tournaments and everyday play?
News | 01 October 2005

Real intelligent design

Intelligent design in golf is the subtle selection and evolution of golf courses, comments Jeremy Pern.
News | 01 October 2005

Haenam Pines

Architect Gary Roger Baird says that Haenam Pines might just be the pebble beach of Korea.
News | 01 October 2005

Architect, architect, architect

Kyle Phillips says that developers should engage an architect first, then use his skills to select a good site for their planned course.