News | 01 April 2007

Musselburgh: restoration or desecration?

For those with a flair for the melodramatic, the story might read: "The green that may have seen the final putts of some of the first Open Championships is to be destroyed to make way for an expansion of a horse racing track.
News | 01 April 2007

The state of golf in Italy

Golf remains unknown to many Italians, but for some years, the profile of the game has been increasing.
News | 01 April 2007

Back to basics

We are treading a well worn path when we discuss innovations in golfing technology and the reciprocal effect that recent shifts have had on the game, but this could be the most serious issue that golf has ever had to deal with.
News | 01 April 2007

Living the lifestyle

At Caldicott Hall in Norfolk, we're developing a site for 48 Svenskabin Swedish timber homes from KDM.
News | 01 April 2007

Golf's new horizons

One only has to read the pages of Golf Course Architecture, with its regular announcements of new courses being built, to understand that golf development continues to grow at a rapid rate.
News | 01 April 2007

How to beat slow play

Slow play is one of the curses of modern golf and one solution to the problem lies in the hands of course architects.
News | 01 April 2007

Career development

How do budding architects get started? We talked to a number of relative newcomers to the business to find out.
News | 01 January 2007

Golf spreads its wings

The game of golf continues to develop around the world. Which golf markets will be the hotspots of the future?
News | 01 January 2007

The Carrick on Loch Lomond

It might have been one of the mildest autumns on record, but it didn't feel like it teeing off at The Carrick in October.