News | 01 October 2006

Short shrift

Along with Peter McEvoy and a little further back Michael Bonallack, Gary Wolstenholme is among the greatest amateur golfers Britain has produced in the modern era.
News | 01 October 2006

Collaborators will be… encouraged

Following more than three years of planning, construction has finally started at Sagebrush Golf and Sporting Club, some three hours drive east from Vancouver, in British Columbia's unique, desert-like interior.
News | 01 October 2006

Pond life

The best way to find a solution to your water quality problems is to obtain a better understanding of the components that impact the delicate balance of a pond's ecosystem.
News | 01 October 2006

The future of golf housing

The traditional approach to golf housing has been to line the fairways with as much housing as possible to maximise the bottom line.
News | 01 October 2006

Chateau des Vigiers

A year after formally retiring and passing most of his interests in course design to his long-time associates Tom Mackenzie and Martin Ebert, veteran British golf architect Donald Steel has begun a new project.
News | 01 October 2006

One golf course, two countries!

Golf clubs, golf shoes, passport! Well, not quite, but playing on a golf course that spans two countries must be quite an exciting and unusual experience.
News | 01 October 2006

Back to the future

Golf courses rarely remain unchanged for many years. But should courses be altered to match the modern game?
News | 01 October 2006

Designing in digital

The influence of CAD has touched most parts of the design process.With computerised flythroughs and 3D visualisations commonplace, Mark Alexander looks at pros and cons of going digital.
News | 01 July 2006


On the southwest coast of Ireland, Dooks GC has gained a reputation amongst the lucrative American tourist market as something of a hidden gem.