News | 01 July 2007

Turning back the clocks

Numerous times over the last few years I have heard that Stanley Thompson's original design for Allandale Golf Club in Canada was still completely intact.
News | 01 July 2007

Polish potential

Like other Eastern European countries, Poland is currently something of a blind spot on the European golf map.
News | 01 July 2007

Minimalism misunderstood

Today, one can rarely read an article about a golf course without seeing the word 'minimalism' somewhere in the description.
News | 01 July 2007

Inspired design

Are holes, and entire courses, that are based on someone else’s design themes somehow a lesser type of architecture? Adam Lawrence investigates.
News | 01 April 2007

Seen the pictures? Play the course

Three of the most famous golf images in the world originate from my home club, Conwy in north Wales. The three paintings are entitled 'Difficult Bunker', 'The Drive' and 'Putting Green', but as their locatio
News | 01 April 2007

Ailsa Course, Turnberry

When Tom Watson and Jack Nicklaus shook hands on the Ailsa's eighteenth green after the Open of 1977, members of the R&A must have been rubbing theirs in glee.